Charities and Non-profits

Charitable Fundraising with DreamFund: Expand your donor base and build an advocate army.

For many organizations, raising money for key projects and programs is essential, but it’s not easy. Luckily, the days of relying solely on major events and large ticket donors are gone.

DreamFund makes it easier to tap into the power of your supporters—and their social circles—to secure a wider array of gifts through crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising.

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Why DreamFund?

  • All the Help You Need, for Free

    Get all the help you need to get your Dream published and shared from real, live people. In fact, our DreamSquad’s whole job is to make your organization’s Dreams as successful as possible.

  • Intelligent Dream Boosters

    Promote your fundraising page or say thanks with "ready to go" email and social posts. Not sure what to do next? Every time you log in we’ll have ideas for you to improve the success of your Dream.

  • No Start Up Fees

    Contributions are safe, secure. We make money when you do, deducting either 5% or 2.5% crowdfunding fees depending on your membership plan and passing through credit card fees. And unlike other sites, there is no additional charge to make the money you receive tax-deductible for donors.

  • Rules and Controls to Drive Giving

    With DreamFund you can set rules and controls that make potential donors feel confident that their money will be spent as intended. Add a sponsor with spending oversight, lock down where the money will be spent, and more. Strong fraud protection, only on DreamFund.

Crowdfunding with DreamFund Helps Expand Your Donor Base

Raising money through crowdfunding opens up giving to all of your supporters, not just your major donors. Whether they can give $5 or $500, you’re making it easier for them to get involved and spread the word about your cause beyond the people you already know.

Empower Supporters with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

More and more people are proactively raising money online for the charitable organizations they support. We work with you to create a template with pre-defined content, images, and goals that your supporters can use to raise money on your behalf—within your guidelines. We then provide you with a link that you can send to your supporters to start dreams of their own using that content. It’s that easy. And with our “Pay to the Order of...” rule, we can ensure that money raised in your name will only go to your organization.