CrowdFunded Savings

Saving money by yourself is not easy and asking for help can be even harder. The good news is that lots of people in your circles of friends, family, etc are actually willing to contribute to something important to you when they know about it.

From amazing vacations and new homes to awesome birthday gifts and life-changing experiences, it takes just a few minutes to set up a CrowdFunding Dream Page and start putting money towards your goal. And we give you the emails and social media marketing posts you need to ask for gifts for your birthday, the holidays and other occasions.

Whether you are saving by yourself or with a group, our crowdfunding and saving platform makes it a little bit easier.


Intelligent Dream Boosters to Drive Gifts

Use our "ready to go" email and social media marketing posts to announce your CrowdFunding Dream, say thanks, share milestones, and promote rewards throughout the life of your Dream. Not sure what to do next? We’ll have suggestions for you every time you log into DreamFund.

Rules and Controls to Drive Giving

With DreamFund you can set rules and controls that make potential funders feel confident that their money will be spent as intended. Add a sponsor with spending oversight, lock down where the money will be spent, and more. Strong fraud protection, only on DreamFund. In fact, our Pay to the Order of Rule means we only make the check out to the charity you raise funds for, therefore insuring, there is no fraud because we veirfy the charity before you can crowdfunding for them!

We Help You Make it Happen

Get all the help you need to get your Dream published and shared from real, live people. In fact, our DreamSquad’s whole job is to help you make your Dream as successful as possible. A Dream Maker will be here to assist you with your crowdfunding objectives.

Save for Less

You never pay fees on your own deposits. Gifts from other people are subject to some of the lowest crowdfunding around. 2.5% if your are a Prime Member, 5%. If you are a Basic member. There are also credit card processing fees we pass on of 2.9% + .30. See our full pricing information here.