Crowdfunding Rules and Controls

Crowdfunding with Rules and Controls, Only on DreamFund

DreamFund is all about making people’s Dreams come true, which is why we have built rules and controls into DreamFund’s platform to help ensure that the money raised on our site will be used as intended.


The Dreamer’s Promise

Every Dream comes with a social contract in the form of our Dreamer’s Promise and every Dreamer must provide verifiable information about themselves prior to withdrawing a penny.

Safe and secure savings

Money raised on DreamFund goes into a DreamFund savings account, which is FDIC insured to the maximum amount permitted by law, and earns interest every day.

Spending controls

Dreamers can choose to add our “Pay the Order Of...” rule, which tells every funder exactly where the money will be spent or add a Sponsor who must approve every withdrawal.

Teens Dream with Approval

If a Dreamer is between the ages of 13 and 17, they will need to give DreamFund the name of a parent, guardian, or other adult who must sign on to be the Dream Sponsor prior to anything being published on our site.

Fraud-protected fundraising

If a Dreamer is raising money on behalf of a registered 501(c)(3) organization, we put the money directly into a DreamFund Savings Account in the organization’s name and will only write a withdrawal check to that organization.

Fore more information on rules, controls and sponsors check out our FAQs.