Why is crowdfunding with a DreamFund Savings different?

Everything we’ve built, and everyone who works at DreamFund is 127.2% all about helping you bring your Dreams to life. Whether you’re 2 months from a walkathon, 2 years from your first home or 20 years away from college, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

While the promise of crowdfunding is to bring in money from strangers, the reality is that the people in your circles of family, friends, community, etc.—are the most likely to support you.

That’s why we have built all of our creation and sharing tools to help you activate those people through email and social posts that will inspire them to give to your Dream. And when you're getting it started with your own savings deposits into your Dream, people will be more eager to give.

What’s an “Important” Dream?

Anything that you’re passionate about and willing to put effort behind can be an important Dream. You’ll just want to explain why you feel strongly about it, and why other people should share your passion.


For All Kinds of Dreams and All Kinds of Dreamers

Dreams for the whole family.

Dream together or alone and make amazing things happen.

Dream with or without rewards.

It’s easy to inspire funding using Rewards, but you don’t have to.

Fund as You Go or All or Nothing Funding.

Choose how you want to accept gifts for your Dream. It’s 100% up to you and wont affect your fees.

We Help You Activate Your Dream Circles

Choose your Circles.

You decide how public your Dream is and which contacts you want to share it with.

Know what to say next…

with our “ready to go” emails, Facebook and Twitter posts.

Know what to do next...

with a Dream Dashboard that tells you everything that has happened and Dream Boosters that keep you moving forward.

DreamSquad coaching and support.

Get help and guidance from our Dream Squad when you need it.

Saving for the Big Stuff Made Simple

Safe and secure.

Dream for FREE.

You won’t pay fees on deposits into your own Dreams, ever.

Crowdfund for less.

Crowdfunding fees as low as 2.5% for Prime Members. Basic Members crowdfund at 5%.

Flexible withdrawals.

We’ll write a check to you or the beneficiary of your Dream, it’s up to you.

There's no better time than right now to make a Dream come true.